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Terms of Use of the Puhuri statistics webpage

The University of Tartu reserves the right to change, add or remove portions of these Terms of Use, at any time. It is your responsibility to check these Terms of Use periodically for changes. The most recent version of the Terms of Use is posted on this website and you are deemed to have accepted the Terms of Use on your first use of the following the alterations.

  1. Definitions and interpretation

    1. In this Terms of Use, the following definitions are used:

      1. The University of Tartu, we or us or service - the University of Tartu, Ülikooli 18, 50090 Tartu, Estonia;
      2. – our webpage through which we offer our Service;
      3. Service – any or all of the services we offer and which the User can use through
      4. User or you - any third party that accesses the and is not either (i) employed by the University of Tartu and acting in the course of their employment or (ii) engaged as a consultant or otherwise providing services to the University of Tartu and accessing the in connection with the provision of such services.
    2. In this Terms of Use, unless the context requires a different interpretation:

      1. the singular includes the plural and vice versa;
      2. references to sub-clauses, clauses, schedules or appendices are to sub-clauses, clauses, schedules or appendices of this Terms of Use;
      3. a reference to a person includes firms, companies, government entities, trusts and partnerships;
      4. "including" is understood to mean "including without limitation";
      5. reference to any statutory provision includes any modification or amendment of it.
  2. Who can use Services? The main purpose of the Service is to provide statistics of the used computational resources, which are allocated using Puhuri, to the national resource allocators.

  3. How to use Services? To gain access to the Service you have to register yourself by creating an account in For that, you must identify yourself with the MyAccessID (Access Management Service provided by GEANT) authentication system. Private organizations who cannot identify themselves with MyAccessID please contact us at

  4. Service providers’ rights and responsibilities

    1. Users’ personal data will be processed in accordance with the Privacy Policy.
    2. The service provider can restrict or suspend Users access to Services, for administrative, operational, or security reasons, without prior notice and without compensation.
    3. The service provider can restrict access of Users who have violated the Terms of Use.
    4. The service provider provides users with user guides (published on the website) and additional guidance (by email, phone, in-person) when needed.
  5. Users’ rights and responsibilities

    1. Users must follow the Terms of Use, read and accept the Privacy Policy and follow all legal acts of Estonia and EU without exception when using Services.
    2. Users shall show consideration towards other users including by not causing harm to the Services.
    3. Users have an obligation to collaborate in the resolution of issues arising from your use of the Services.
    4. Users shall only use the Services for lawful purposes and not breach, attempt to breach, nor circumvent administrative or security controls.
    5. Users must keep their login data private (e.g. passwords, private keys). Sharing of login credentials is strictly forbidden and also accessing Services with someone else's login credentials is strictly forbidden.
    6. Users shall keep their registered information correct and up to date.
    7. Users shall promptly report known or suspected security breaches, credential compromises and report any compromised credentials to the University of Tartu staff.
    8. Users may not probe, scan or test the vulnerability of the Services.
    9. Users may not reverse look-up, trace or seek to trace any information on any other Users of the Services.
    10. Users are accountable for their actions and the consequences of those actions. Violations of Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, procedure, and security rules may result in applicable administrative sanctions or legal actions.