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Puhuri Terminology

Puhuri Term Puhuri Core API Term Definition
AAI - Authentication and Authorisation Infrastructure (AAI) (also used alternative term IAM). A set of various services to register a user to get a Puhuri ID, authenticate (i.e. to get the user identity) to use the integrated Resources (services), and provide means for the resources provider to grant access to the eligible users.
Accepted Terms of Service - A boolean value indicating if the Person has accepted the terms of service for a given resource
Access - A boolean value indicating if a User Account or Service Account has the right to use a resource. This includes that the user has accepted the Terms of Use.
Accounting - A set consisting of the aggregation of the allocation of resource components to a project, and the actual consumption of consumable units of allocated resource components within a project
Allocation Resource The right to access a resource and use of a resource component from a start date to an end date and to an extent of a number of consumable units as defined in a project
Allocation Strategy - Defines the process, how resources are allocated in a Call.
API - Application Programming Interface. An interface for machine-to-machine data transfer.
Authentication - Process to get information regarding who the user is.
Call - A Call represents a possibility to apply for a project on a certain resource(s). Different sets of resources with total available consumable units, min/max for requested allocation are available in different calls. Call-objects only lives in the portal parts of Puhuri, or outside of Puhuri if the national stakeholders have their process set up in that way.
Call Manager - A person(s) who can act as the head of the Call Manager Organization’s allocation committee and manage calls and allocate resources, which are related to the Call Manager Organization.
Call Manager Organization Customer (organization) An entity which decides on the allocation of the resources from a specific call and is represented by the Call Manager.
co-PI - Also sometimes referred as proxy-PI. A person, who can act as a PI of a project and manage that project on behalf of a PI.
Consumable unit Resource limits Consumable units that can be allocated to projects. These units are resource specific. Different resources and resource components may consume these at different rates. Consumable units and their rate of consumption are defined for all resources that have accountable resources.
Lifespan - The time period over which a project has an allocation on one or more resources. The Lifespan has a start date and an end date
Marketplace - Collection of Service offerings, which are available and can be odered by the users.
Member - A member is a person who has the right to consume the consumable units allocated to a project. The person is then a member of that project
National Portal - A National Portal is an existing portal that can communicate with Puhuri Core through an API and by which researchers can apply for the use of, and be given access to, a resource. If present it is to be used instead of the Puhuri portal
Observer - A person, who represents the Call Manager organization and who can have a read-only access to submitted Applications and Calls.
Principal Investigator (PI) - A principal investigator (PI) is a person responsible for, and manager of, a Proposal and a Project
Project - A project is an object with one or more allocations of on one or more resources. The project has a number of consumable units assigned for each of the allocations. It is assigned to a PI, has one or more optional co-PI and one or more members. The project is time limited by the lifespan.
Proposal - A formal request, which is submitted via portal to get access to services provided by the Service Provider. Application may contain information about the justification for using the services, team members information.
Puhuri AAI - A system for user registration and issuing Puhuri Account and AAI proxy for connecting IdPs and services
Puhuri Account - A representation of a unique real person with a unique identifier within Puhuri Core. Containing the contact information and institutional details for the person. A person can have multiple Resource Accounts
Puhuri Core - The central database that keeps track of the components of the Puhuri Services, with information on for example: resources, projects, Puhuri accounts, usage etc
Puhuri Portal - The portal to be used in absence of a National Portal with at least the minimal functionality to allocate resouces and manage project membership.
Puhuri Services - the aggregation of Puhuri Core, Puhuri AAI, Puhuri Portal, and corresponding APIs
Reporting - The process by which the utilisation of allocated resource components in terms of consumable units within a project by members of the project is presented to stakeholders.
Resource Offering A Resource object represents a compute cluster, storage system, or cloud resource, which is connected to specific project allocation.
Resource Account - Unique identifier for a Puhuri Account on a resource. (Username or similar)
Resource Component Offering component An allocatable part of a resource with a type and a unit, which is connected to specific project allocation.
Review - Outcome of the Proposal evaluation by Reviewer.
Review Strategy - Defines the process, how applications are reviewed: after submission/after round end date.
Reviewer - Person, who is assigned by the Call Manager and who performs the evaluation of the application. Can be technical or scientific.
Robot Account - A User Account which is not representing a real person, but a machine. However, it must have associated contact information to responsible persons.
Role - A specific set of access permissions to perform certain activites in the portal.
Round - is connected to a specific call and defines the period, where Applications can be submitted. Every call can have one or more rounds.
Service Offering - A specific set of services (like a compute cluster, storage system, or cloud resource, that a Service Provider provides to its customers or clients.
Service Offering Component - An allocatable part of a Service Offering with a type, a unit and a max limit.
Service Offering Manager - A person within Service Provider organization, who is responsible for delivering specific service to customers.
Service Provider - Entity that has computational or any other resources, which can be allocated by Resource Allocators.
Submitter - Person, who submits the Application. Can be PI or other administrative person.
User ID - A user is the entity (a real person or a machine) that uses the Resource. A User can belong to zero, one, or more Projects.