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Project membership management

Project team contains users with different roles:

  • Principal Investigator (PI) - An individual recognized by the prime institution, is responsible for the scientific and administrative leadership of the project (request additional resources, manage membership, view usage information, etc). Can use the resources connected to the project.
  • Co-Principal Investigator (co-PI) is a collaborator who shares leadership and responsibility for a research project with the primary Principal Investigator (PI). Can use the resources connected to the project.
  • Member is a user who works on one or more project phases and executes assigned tasks. Read-only role in the portal with the ability to see the resource usage information. Can use the resources connected to the project.

Please see this page for User Rights based on Roles in the Organization.

Adding project members

  1. Open project in Puhuri Portal.

  2. Select "Team" from the top menu and click on "Invitations".

    Invite user

  3. Clicking "Invite user" opens the "Invite by email" window.

    Invite user

  4. Insert the user's email, set the role for the new user and continue.

  5. Fill in your custom message on the right side of the window and send the invitation.

    Invite user

  6. The user will receive an invitation email with the acceptance link.


The invitation is valid for 3 weeks!


We welcome feedback from our users - it helps us to improve continually. Please email your suggestions to