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Integration with KeyCloak


KeyCloak is a popular open-source identity and access management server. It supports integration with external identity federations over SAML and OIDC protocols.

KeyCloak can be used as a local identity proxy enriching MyAccessID identities with local information or applying local policies.


  1. Register your KeyCloak instance with Puhuri AAI proxy as an OIDC client.

  2. Setup KeyCloak identity provider corresponding to MyAccessID.

Configuration of Keycloak

  1. Open KeyCloak realm where you want to add MyAccessID and go to Identity providers.

  2. Click add new provider and select OpenID Connect v1.0

Configure provider

  • Alias: myaccessid (or pick a better name)
  • Discovery endpoint:
  • Client authentication: Client secret sent as post
  • Client ID: OIDC client ID you got from registration in Puhuri AAI.
  • Client Secret: OIDC client secret you got from registration in Puhuri AAI

Save and edit additional properties:

  • Validate signatures: On
  • Use JWKS URL: On
  • Trust email: On
  • Sync mode: Force
  • Under advanced settings, add Scopes: openid profile email voperson_external_affiliation voperson_id given_name

Got to Mappers tab and click on Add mapper:

  • Name: free name, e.g. cuid
  • Sync mode override: Import
  • Mapper type: Username Template Importer
  • Template: ${CLAIM.sub}
  • Target: Local

Save. Profit!