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Interface Introduction



  • It is the first page you see (by default) after logging in to Puhuri Portal which provides you with the initial necessary information of your profile, the Organizations and the Projects.

Organization / Project selection:

  • You can see the information about the organization only If you are at the organization level. It means if you are only at the project level, you can not go to the organization level.
  • This is your main working tool in Puhuri Portal. Here you can manage your organizations, projects and resources (such as LUMI cluster or other HPC resources). The next chapter of this guide will provide the details for each menu item.

Workspace menu (changes depending on sidebar menu):

  • Each page in Puhuri Portal has a navigation bar at the top of the screen. It enables a quick access to organization/project info and management.


  • Shows organization, project or user dashboards related to the selection.
  • Contains all necessary action fields a user might need.
  • Displays the list of user related issues. Here by Creating request you can request support.
Favorite Pages:
  • The opportunity to gather the most visited pages to make them easily reachable.
Pending confirmations:
  • Contains the list of requests related to user, resources or project management.
User Profile:
  • The main links related to the user actions like User Dashboard, Affiliations, Credentials, Notifications, Language and Color mode of the interface.

Get help:

  • By clicking Support you can find User Documentation, or reach us by using support email address and also create support request by going to "Issues" window.